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At Esuubi we have dedicated all our resourecs and skills to make disciples  for our dear Lord Jesus Christ. We do this through Our Christian School [fountain of life Christian school, Esuubi Medical Mission,VBS and Esuubi Baptist Community Church. We are 2 Timothy 2:2 ministry.



We are all about making disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ. This theme circulates in every kind of thing we do in the community where God as called us to serve. Acts of  love and kindness are of temporal value if we don't use them as opportunities to lead people to Christ. At Esuubi, our tumost goal is to lead people to Christ and thereafter help them navigate the path as they grow in their walk with the  Lord. Our goal is to make disciples that will make Disciples.

Kenny and Claire anre born and raised in Kampala, by God's grace they were led by the Spirit to a conviction of  serving in the rural areas of Uganda in 2016; They had just gotten married, Kenny had just graduated from medical school. With scarcity of trained medical workers in Uganda could easily find a good paying job, but the Lord's calling upon their lives was so strong and sure they moved to this community in Mityana  where God has blessed them with a wonderful ministry leading to building of a Christian school. The only school in the community and were many young people not only come to study but most importantly get to hear the gospel usually for the first time; and God has saved many of them through the school ministry.

God has also enabled them to plant Esuubi Baptist Community Church where many young people are being discipled and availed with an opportunity to serve.

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What We Do

Furthering the gosple is the most important aspect of our ministry, we do this this through various avenues that are consistent with the holy scriptures; some of the ways through which we serve the community are mentioned below.


Esuubi Medical Missions.

Offering free medical care.

We serve in a community where 95% of the people are peasans and are unable to read or write. Most people who live in our community and the neighboring communities are peasants who survive on less-a-dollar-a-day.

These people suffer from all sorts of medical ailments. In some communites children still get ill from malaria and without intervention of Medical Doctors like Kenny they either die or get very serious complications. We have two patients in the past who lost part of their brain due celebral malaria. For these kids the mothers kept on offeing hubs beavuse they could not afford a dose of malaria tabs which costs close to $2.5. It's for such cases that we re here to bring the love of Christ a healing hand.

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Child Sponsorship.

Educating our community for the Lord.

In Partnership with fountain of Life Christian school, Esuubi Baptist community offers opportunities to kids who would otherwise not be able to come to school and study. On top of edcation, young people get an opportuninty to hear the Hod's word taught straight from the bible. Through these weekly chapels, God has saved many yoing people that are now growing to walk in obedience to His word. We are warmly inviting to partner with us in bringing education and light of the gospel to our community through the child sponsorship program.  for you to spnsor a child in our school, it costs $360 a year that's: $90 per 4 months, or $30 per month. This will take care of a child's tuition, housing [for those in boarding section], meals and basic medical care. You can as well make a single time donation to helpo in the operation of the schol


Vacation Bible school.

Reaching families with the gospel.

Did you know that you can reach families with gospel by reaching their children with the gospel? Yes, you can; for this has been our greatest tool in reaching families. Our VBS have fun filled activies but the main goal is alwasy to reach the young epople witht he gospel. Learn more in get invloved section on the menu.

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"Apart from that which is done in Christ and for Christ; nothing will benefit on the last day."

Kenny  Lule


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